Marti Releases First Sustainability Report

Company outlines strategy in developing Smarter Mobility, Cleaner Cities, and Safer Rides

ISTANBUL--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Marti Technologies Inc. (“Marti” or the “Company”) (NYSE American: MRT), Türkiye’s leading mobility super app, offering ride hailing and a large fleet of shared electric two-wheel vehicles, today released its first Sustainability Report. The report highlights Marti’s 2022 sustainability achievements as well as the Company’s future commitments and is available on the Sustainability tab of the Company’s investor relations website at

“We are proud to present our first Sustainability Report, a testament to our commitment towards building a more sustainable and responsible future,” said Alper Oktem, Founder and CEO of Marti. “We believe that everything on wheels will be electric and everything electric will be shareable. At Marti, our focus is offering transportation solutions with the goal of enhancing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. We recognize the importance of sustainability and social impact, and our aim is to integrate these core tenets into our business decisions. Marti is committed to be at the forefront of Türkiye’s transformation in transportation, advancing the adoption of electric and shared vehicles. This is how we will maintain our position as the top mobility app for millions of people across the country.”

The report addresses several key areas of focus, namely: Smarter Mobility, Cleaner Cities, and Safer Rides.

Building upon the Company’s strength and performance across various dimensions of sustainability, Marti introduced its sustainability initiative “Move Forward. Together” this year. This initiative offers a roadmap for sustainable growth founded upon three strategic pillars: Smarter Mobility, Cleaner Cities, and Safer Rides. Within this framework, the Company aims to increase the accessibility of its vehicles (smarter mobility) while reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainable transportation (cleaner cities) to increase safety for both riders and non-riders (safer rides).

From an environmental perspective, Marti’s efforts have already contributed to avoiding approximately 1,600 tons of CO2 emissions in 2022. This is comparable to the CO2 absorption of approximately 72,000 fully grown trees. Our analysis highlights that Marti’s e-bikes and e-mopeds exhibit a 40% lower environmental impact than an average urban transportation journey in Türkiye, while its e-scooters indicate an 18% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to alternative modes of urban transportation in the country.

Marti is working towards achieving net-zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2030 with a goal to launch net-zero inbound logistics operations by 2030 within Scope 3 emissions. To make essential safety guidelines available to its riders and consumers, Marti is integrating its safety resources onto a comprehensive online platform to be unveiled as the “Marti Safety Academy” in 2024. Marti also aims to achieve an expansion of e-scooter parking locations by 300 by 2025.

The Sustainability Report addresses a range of critical areas, including supply chain, employee relations, R&D initiatives, customer satisfaction mechanisms, and more. To increase operational efficiency, Marti launched a tracking mechanism that allows the Company to closely monitor its field operations and manage its workforce more accurately to improve productivity. Marti provided its field team with 1,480 hours of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) training while providing 6,000 hours of training to its subcontractors.

The Sustainability Report offers a solution within the circular economy as the Company is diligently managing its raw materials and preventing waste. Marti seeks to achieve a goal of achieving a 0% landfill rate by 2030 through reuse, repair, or recycling of all materials. This is due to collaboration with external recycling firms to responsibly manage the Company’s waste, currently resulting in a 0% landfill rate for all outputs of its processes. In 2022 alone, Marti provided its certified recycling partner with over 109.9 tons of waste, including mixed metals, lithium-ion batteries, electronic waste, paper/cardboard, plastics, mixed packaging waste, and rubber.

Marti seeks to incorporate sustainability into each business decision and is resolute in altering Türkiye’s transportation landscape to promote more sustainable travel for generations to come.

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