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Company Overview

Marti launched operations in 2019 with the goal of offering tech-enabled urban transportation services to riders across Turkey. We operate the country’s largest fleet of e-mopeds, e-bikes, and e-scooters, serviced by proprietary software systems and IOT infrastructure, and we are the number one travel app in Turkey across iOS and Android app stores. We offer environmentally sustainable transportation services, that are currently delivered via fully electric vehicles, to our riders in an economically sustainable manner.

In the future, we will grow the scale of our existing urban transportation services, introduce new environmentally sustainable transportation services that are electric and/or shared, and leverage our existing scale and customer base to offer adjacent tech-enabled services beyond transportation. Equally important, we will continue to grow in line with our sustainability goals necessary for our services to be an integral part of the transportation networks of the cities and lives of the customers we serve.


Marti Technologies, Inc.
3500 South DuPont Highway
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United States